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About me

Training & Teaching

I am a “Yoga Alliance” certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher with over 800 hours of training under my belt. During my trainings and travels, I’ve had the joy of teaching in Bali, Sardinia, Paris and currently: Lisbon.

Yoga in Personal Development

When I invested myself more deeply into the practice of Yoga, my vision of what is possible changed. It gave me the means to change my life, leaving Paris and my career in advertising.

This is what I would like to share with you in my classes: Yoga is a way to discover yourself, to accept who you are and build self-confidence.

Florence Gavard Yoga Teacher
I teach different types of yoga:
Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A fluid practice, from one pose to another.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Similar to Hatha Flow, softer and more static at times.

Relaxing yoga

Originated from yogatherapy, very similar to Yin Yoga.

Prenatal Yoga

For pregnant women according to the 'Bernadette de Gasquet' method.



My classes are designed for the beginners to the more advanced students:

  • Are you are looking to gain a better connection with your body, to breathe deeper and softer or to develop your strength, flexibility and stability in all postures?
  • If you are more advanced, then the practice becomes more intense: strength, balance, postures on hands... but always soft even in effort, developing fluidity even in transitions and subtle awareness to body and breathing.

Whether in a private or semi-private class, I adapt the class according to what you need and what you are looking to develop.

Beyond technical knowledge, I develop through my classes and my relationships with students: trust, kindness and caring, and I give special attention to each individual.


For the love of Vinyasa Flow!

Vinyasa class is a dynamic practice working the whole body: flexibility, strength, balance and coordination with the breath. After practice you leave with a feeling of mental clarity thanks to the concentration that is established during the class. It also gives a feeling of relaxation thanks to the body-breath work. It is a comprehensive class which is good for both body and spirit.

Gentle Yoga is inspired by the same practice but it is softer, slower, and accessible to all levels. Therefore it is ideal for beginners or people who want a soft, gentle practice.

Florence Gavard Yoga Teacher Practice 1

** PRE BOOKING needed before the class, please Contact Me **

Vinyasa Flow
08:45 (1h)
Vinyasa Flow
17:30 (1h)
Gentle Yoga (Beginner)
09:30 (1h)
ON-LINE class on registration with REPLAY
10:00 (1h)
Vinyasa Flow
08:30 (1h)
Vinyasa Flow Relax
17:15 (1h)
Special classes, announced on Facebook Page


If you are interested to receive information about the classes and schedule, you can fill the contact form in the Contacts section, so that you can receive informations by email.

See you soon!


Quality, Cleanliness, Personalized Follow-Up

Prices include the yoga material (mats, blocks, belts - except during COVID 19 crisis, material is not furnished to reduce risks). We care about the hygiene, comfort and cleanliness of the spaces dedicated to the Yoga practice and the classes are taught in small group (up to 8 people), so we do all we can to offer you the best conditions of practice.


Drop-In Class
12 €
5 Classes Pass
50 €
** 8 weeks validity
10 Classes Pass
90 €
** 12 weeks validity

**From the day of the 1st class (of course, closing weeks are not included in the validity time).

Non refundable, not cessible, but you can invite one person once on your pass.


Organic Flow Yoga Studio Logo
A Personalized Coaching Approach

Whether in a private or semi-private class, I offer a personalized approach using the various practices I was trained in, in order to help you progress, taking into account your level and your needs.

Why would you take a private class?

A private class is the ideal scenario: you choose your own time, place and class. It is fully adapted to your practice, your capabilities and what you seek to develop.

It is possible to work on:

  • A general goal: flexibility, strength, endurance or relaxation.
  • Specific areas: strengthening or opening of a specific part of the body (like the upper back) or a specific posture you wish to achieve.

A private class allows you to work at your own pace and enjoy a unique place for exploration, progress and sharing.


Private Class at Organic Flow Studio

30 € for the 1st H. 5H : 175 € - 10H : 250 €


Private Group Class at Organic Flow Studio

1H00 : 60 € for 4 people (as an ex.)


Private or Group Class at Your Home

50 € for 1h to 220 € for 5h, depending of the size of the group

*depending of the location of your home, price can be higher


Private Class by Skype

1H: 25 € for an individual session up to 2 people


Corporate Classes
Bringing yoga and meditation to the workplace provides many benefits

Are you in charge of Human Resources? Do you want to develop wellbeing at the workplace?

Do you want to give your employees the opportunity to access a calm, unwinding practice?

Are you a member of an animation committee that wants to offer an activity that relaxes and breaks the weekly routine?

Whoever you are, we can work together to develop options and create personalized content (Yoga & Meditation) adapted to your participants, the context of practice, the schedule, premises etc...

It's very easy and simple to implement and it will make a positive impact within the company.

Special Events
In relation to Well-being, Sports, Relaxation, Healthy lifestyle

Do you want to animate a place or an event, strengthen group cohesion (in a collective activity), offer a moment of relaxation and create joy through developing the connection to yourself and others?

Organic Flow Yoga Studio Corporate Outdoor Group Class Event




Organic Flow is born from the desire to create a peaceful and insightful place, to share moments together, interact and get inspired. In the heart of Lisbon, the Studio has been carefully designed to promote well being, harmony and peace.

Beyond Yoga -cornerstone of the project- other artistic and body language activities relative to personal development are possible. Other activities and experiences are part of this project, developing over organic meetings and through collaborations.

Bright, Comfortable and Intimate

The space offers a relaxing cozy space, with a large terrasse. Mats, blocks, belts, blankets are at disposal.The entrance of the studio proposes a space for storage/ changing room and an area to chill out before or after class.



The studio is located in Rua Almeida e Sousa, Nr. 3, 3rd Floor, Campo de Ourique, 1250-064 Lisbon, Portugal.

Close to the center of Lisbon, just above Estrela Park, and 10 minutes walk from "Rato" Metro Station.